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Treasured Gifts from Friends 2014

Thank you so much!!!

:iconvasidgallery: Angel by VasiDgallery
:iconmsfowle: Tulips Wallpaper by msfowle
:iconginas-cakes: Just for you :) by ginas-cakes
:iconblueivyviolet: dedicated to...part 3 by BlueIvyViolet
:icondigithalie:For all the Gangstas of Love by Digithalie
:icondigithalie: Marley by Digithalie
:iconvineyard86: Today's Halo by Vineyard86
:icontigles1artistry: Tsurus and the Japanese Legend by Tigles1Artistry
:iconvasidgallery: Woman by VasiDgallery
:iconvasidgallery:May blues by VasiDgallery
:iconiskarlata: A Swan Lake Moment by iskarlata
:iconiskarlata: A Swan Lake Dance Moment by iskarlata
:icongigi50: West Indian Cana by gigi50
:icondarkallegiance666: Little Witches at Work by darkallegiance666
:iconarte-de-junqueiro: Peaceful Times Ahead by Arte-de-Junqueiro
:icongigi50: Pretty Plumeria for May by gigi50
:iconkmygraphic: May by KmyGraphic
:iconraikanearthdragon: MayEbony's Gift by RaikanEarthDragon

With Love for Those Who Suffer

Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are NOT a sign of weakness. They are signs of having tried to remain strong for too long. Share the support. Let those who struggle know they’re not alone…

My Awards

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda
How can I thank you Eve :iconthegalleryofeve: and Gigi :icongigi50: for nominating me for the Angel Without Wings project? This is such an honour to join you both, and the other amazing Angels, I'm so happy and thankful to have been nominated. This award also included features by
:iconnameda::iconsignmeupscotty::iconangelica-lily: :iconevelivesey::iconwishmasteralchemist::icongigi50:
:iconannissina::iconbushaqua::icondieffi: :iconthegalleryofeve::iconstygma:


Angels And Gangstas Group Monthly Award by MayEbony
Thank you to all of the very sweet Angels and Gangstas, and particularly to :iconmypeanutgallery: for presenting me with the monthly :iconangels-and-gangstas: Award in June 2014 . I guess it was for starting up the group for all of the dear 'Angels Without Wings' and 'Gangstas of Love' and getting everything off the ground.


Heartist by Nameda
My goodness, I've today (17th Jun '14) been awarded with a deviantHEART from :icondeviantheart: Thank you so very much dear Denise :iconsserenita: and all at deviantHEART: that means so much to me!
The text they so kindly wrote reads...
May is one of those wonderful people that you don't get to meet very often in life. She is a shining example of a caring and loving deviant, and her entire page is a tribute to the community she loves. She is constantly showing her gratitude through special projects and features bringing stand-out deviants into the spotlight. Most prominently, May is a representative for The Angels Without Wings program, as well as a recipient of the award herself!

May is beloved by so many people and is just a shining ray of light spreading love and joy wherever she goes! She is proud of her beautiful family and her gallery is a testament to her love for life. She is truly someone that we all look up to and aspire to be. It is with great pleasure that I bestow the honor of Featured Heartist on MayEbony!


Thank you so much to dear Beverly :iconartbybeverly: for this beautiful award (created by the talented :iconkmygraphic:) for Beverly's group :iconinspirationstation1:
You Inspire Me by KmyGraphic

Interviews & Whole Journal Features

Sincere thanks to...
:iconangels-and-gangstas: authored by
:iconmypeanutgallery: May A-A-G AwardI am honored to present  Angels-And-Gangstas Monthly Award.
May's Award goes to :iconMayEbony: MayEbony

May is the kind of person we all aspire to be.
She is devoted to her wonderful family,
dedicated to AWW and Angels-And-Gangstas,
a gifted and talented artist in many mediums,
and always ready to encourage us to do our best.
May even made the Award Angel!
Here is a glimpse into her beautiful world.


:iconoptionator: Thank You May for 3 Months Premium!!!The greatest THANK YOU to MayEbony for giving me premium membership for tree months!

Happy Birthday and Bright Tomorrows Eve by MayEbony
Wangara Plantation Sunset by MayEbony
Balinese Living Wall by MayEbony Imposing Petronas Towers KL by MayEbony

:iconsesam-is-open: Beautiful Couples In Life And In Art - Part SevenIn a time when nothing is more certain than change, the attachment of two people to one another has become a rare thing, but just this increases its beauty.
All of us want to love and to be loved, but this is not easy at all!:icontruesmiles:
Love doesn't means only "I Love You", love means commitment and respect, a strong shoulder who can support your head at any moment, a warm heart who can  receive your joys, an energetic hand which can relieve all pain and depression, a mysterious smile during a dance, which always conjures the First Dance, but above all, love is the only feeling  that shines over time when our hair is white and our wrinkles talk about memories.
This is love and life, this is what all of us dream to have and to share this is what we have to respect and cherish.
I had the chance to meet some beautiful couples in our  dA community and I have the pleasure to dedicate a series of journals to them.
I want to do this because I want to let them know how

:iconsesam-is-open: Beautiful Lilies for May!Today is a special day for my lovely friend May :iconmayebony::iconsomehugsplz::party:

Yellow Leaves by MayEbonyIndian Ocean and Green Rocks by MayEbonyHe Fell In Love by MayEbonyImposing Petronas Towers KL by MayEbonyStatue With Reflections by MayEbony
Nusa Dua, Bali Sunrise by MayEbonyLove Like Sugar by MayEbonyTulips Bright by MayEbonyCamel OOB by MayEbonyWTHT 44 by MayEbony
Grevillea Banquet by MayEbonyCup of Tea by MayEbonyRose in Green by MayEbonyPhang-Nga Bay Junk Cruise by MayEbonySisters OOB by MayEbony
Winthrop Hall Arches at Night by MayEbonyGreen Goddess Cala Lily by MayEbonyMain Course and Dessert by MayEbonyPurple Duranta by MayEbonyElephant Ride by MayEbony
My dear May, I wish you a beautiful life full of love, health and  joy and I want you to know that your wonderful words and attitude, always warm my heart.:tighthug:
Happy Birthday and may all your dreams to flourish like a gorgeous lily!:iconpinklilyplz::iconcakecookieplz::iconchampagneplz:
Flaming Flower 2 by jerryfrencho:thumb170638769:Virtuous by MissSpocksgroup of yellow lillys by Nipntuck3With Open Heart by Vividlight
Sun Salutation II by HanafaeLilium by Biljana1313:thumb16020

:icontoni-r: Interview with MayEbonyMayEbony
:bulletgreen: How did you got into photography? :bulletgreen:
My grandfather belonged to a camera club and asked me to go along as the model for his group one month.  The experience fascinated me.  This was in the days when film was the only choice and they had to wait until they’d finished the roll to see their results.  I was 13.
:bulletgreen: Which piece from your gallery are you most proud of, and why? :bulletgreen:
I still love Wave Spilling Over Rocks   I’d had my DSLR 6 months by then and was finally starting to understand its functions so this is one of my earliest pieces that I’d had to learn a great deal in order to take.  I’d really worked hard to earn this shot.  Plus I love how much there is to look at in the shot as well as the basic colours.
:bulletgreen: Have you ever achieved any awards for your photography? :bul

:iconinspirationstation1: Our Member Feature ~ May Ebony!Hi Everyone, we would like to introduce you to May, our second featured member!  Thank you Blue for a wonderful interview with May!
Here is just a small sample of May's amazing gallery of beautiful photo's:
Blue asked May: How long have you been an artist and do you remember what it was that lead you down this path in life, to be an artist?
I think I’ve had a love of beauty my whole life, but as far as creating art – that probably started when I got my first camera for my 11th birthday.  That was long, long ago in 1967 and my father bought me films that I could take only 12 pictures with, and a flash cube that gave you 4 flashes before you had to buy a new cube :iconteheplz:  My beautiful and beloved Grandfather was a good photographer and oil painter so I loved photography becaus

:iconthefavouriteshowcase: You Are the Star! - =MayEbony:iconswingonastarplz: New Features - You Are the Star!
Hello dear members,
This is a special feature to show each other how beautiful your work is!
Starting today I'll be featuring regularly one member here:
you can be the only star :iconreachforthestarsplz: in this feature.
I hope you all enjoy these features and please support each other by :+fav:ing and doing some features too if you can.
:icontardwaveplz: Do you want to be here?
Please leave a comment so I can choose more members to feature. If you are the chosen one I'll contact you to know which works you want to see featured ;)
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: [Star!] [Star!] [Star!]
MayEbony :iconmayebony:

[Star!] [Star!] [Star!] [Star!] [Star!] [Star!]

:icondevpremium: Birthday Feature Vol. 172Happy Birthday to MayEbony
Add your birthday to the list and you'll get featured too!

So Blue
by MayEbony

If you'd like to read the articles just click on any of the thumbnails.



:iconmetaloxide-creations: :iconchef-chad: :iconnameda: :iconawjay: :iconrobin9342:


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Here's the rest of the Dr Who Party story 

8 deviants said Thanks May I was looking forward to this and will read it :eager:

Craft Faves and Personal Update

Sat Jan 3, 2015, 6:02 AM
Profile | Gallery | Favourites

Hello dear Everyone :kiss:

Remember me? ;)  I'm still incredibly busy with real life - goodness knows when I will be able to return to dA in the way I used to with time to chat, admire and interact properly.  I do my best to pop in most days but usually only have time to handle about 6 messages, glance at a few thumbs and that's about it.

I suppose it's bragging or something - though it only feels like excitement and disbelief to me, but it's David's and my 40th wedding anniversary tomorrow.  A Ruby Anniversary at our tender ages :eyepopping: LOL  We're planning a day at home together in peace and then out for dinner in the evening and I hope it's a lovely day :fingerscrossed:

If I could saw myself into enough functioning pieces here's what I would like to be doing at this moment...
1. Tidy and clean my house
2. Finish knitting a Cabbage Patch Doll jumper that I started 2 days ago
3. Make (machine sewing) 2 Cabbage Patch Doll Christening gowns (I have the idea and the lace!)
4. Look at, and process my photos I've taken in the past 3 months (they are mostly completely unviewed, I just haven't had time, which makes me sad)
5. Finish writing the story about the preparations for David's big 60th birthday party (I'm half way through that and will upload it to the web and let you know when it's done
6. Write the story of our November holiday for my holiday (vacation) blog
7. Do the beautiful 1,000 piece puzzle I got for Christmas
8. Take down the Christmas decorations inside the house (we did the outdoor ones today.  It took 5 hours of David's time and 3 hours of mine - I am a little sun-burned to prove it!)
9. Solve my issue with Adobe.  I purchased PhotoShop CC today and I can't get to the program despite wasting 3 hours of my time and 1 hour of my son's time trying to solve the problem :fork:
10. Get my overdue letters and emails to friends written
11. Do the 20 or so more minor items on my To Do List done :giggle:
12. Get some regular exercise
13. Take the time to prepare myself healthy meals instead of grabbing rubbish

In an update to anyone that knows of the miserable time I was having with a new camera club I joined in July, and I was their treasurer; their AGM is on Tuesday and I've resigned.  I will finally officially be free on Tuesday night, even though I'll still need to hand over to whoever is stupid enough to take on the task in my place, but that's OK, I love teaching.  One of the committee members that I was working with told me that I was 'controlling'.  Funny that!  When, for the whole 6 months, I couldn't get any of the committee to answer my emails asking for information I urgently needed to do my job properly, I guess I could perhaps have been seen as controlling by those who would prefer to do absolutely nothing.  They totally ignored my every need.  David made me laugh and said that they only wanted the glory of strutting around like prize turkeys on the meeting nights because they thought themselves important but didn't actually want to do any of the work that went with the commitment.  As usual, he correctly summed it all up in one short and hilarious statement :iconhardlaughplz:

Anyway.  On to happier things... Here's a photo of our last year's outdoor Christmas display.  This year was mostly the same with the car and Santa driving, and the reindeer, but we also made 7 elves and a light-tunnel for the car to drive through, but I haven't looked at the photos yet to be able to upload any LOL  And one of our elves was stolen :(  But we received *huge* pleasure from seeing so many cars slow or stop to admire, and so many family groups that walked up to look around, and the squeals of delight from some of the younger children.

Christmas Lights Our Display by MayEbony

I made 2 brooches as gifts for our mothers, and some ornaments for the table centre out of polymer clay, and did a Nativity scene on my nails
Christmas Table Decorations by MayEbony  Christmas Table Decoration by MayEbony  Nativity Nail Art by MayEbony

And I made 8 tiny birdhouses as gifts for various people.  I'd given one already before I took the photo.  If anyone wants the pattern let me know.  I saw the original idea on Pinterest but there was no pattern, I had to make it up myself.  The birds are made of polymer clay too.  The house and drawer (yes, the bird slides into the house and peeks through the door hole!) are made of cardboard cereal boxes covered with printed paper and the dried grasses are real grass.
Birdhouse Gifts by MayEbony

And, to continue on the craft theme, here are the Faves that I've gathered over the past several months.  Not too many because I've hardly been on here.
Sea Turtle in a Shell by p0lymerqueen MOUSE BLOSSOM TEA CUP OOAK by WEE-OOAK-MINIATURES

 Chihuahua Teddy bear. Adopted by SulizStudio  white kitten by Karo1987  Needle felted mouse 2 by restlesswillow

 Ukki the Grandfather Mushroom by sojala

    Bounty earrings by laydiKroft  Premo! Sculpey Fairy Garden Tutorial by Minifanaticus

 Celestial Light - Vial filled with Opals by Ganjamira

 Miniature Gypsy Fairy Wagon by grimdeva  1:12th scale crochet daffodils and basket by buttercupminiatures

 Spring that never goes away by LenaHandmadeJewelry

 Saby by Bev-Choy  Little White Sea Horse by carmendee

 Needle Felted Chipmunk by CVDart1990

 Fuzzy Penguin Needle Felt! by Charlottejks   Tutorial: Wire Jig Armatures by SnowFox102

 Poisonous spider halloween nail art by sugarcharmshop

 Witches Book Pedestal by Minifanaticus   Miniature polymer clay strawberry shortcake by MeganHess

 Miniature blue jay shadow box by MeganHess

 Handmade Polymer Clay Little Fantasy Totem Pumpkis by KabiDesigns  Bird's House Earrings by Aztilen-chan  Needle Felted Baby Duck by ZadaCreations

 Sunflower Ballerina BeadDress by pinkythepink  Golden Autumn - handsculpted Pendant by Ganjamira  flower teddy bear (tutorial in description) by minicuteclub

 Miniature Downy Woodpecker Pair * Handmade * by ReveMiniatures

 Moonfairy - Pendant with Moonstone and Crystal by Ganjamira   Baby Articuno - handmade Artdoll by Ganjamira

 Demon Slayer by Minifanaticus   Cream and Rainbow Confetti Mermaid Bead Dress by pinkythepink  Granny's cottage by geekySquirrel

 Miniature Chipmunk * Handmade Sculpture * by ReveMiniatures   Tiny Needle Felted Bulldog Puppy Dog in a nutshell by amber-rose-creations   ID 6 by KisaragiChiyo

 black coat for sister by we-are-normal  Tropical Island Cake - details by CakeUpStudio

 Walnut Dollhouse Fully Furnished by sojala   Walnut Dollhouse Progress by sojala
 Miniature 1:12 Sleepy Kitty sculpture by Pajutee

 Miniature Cottontail Rabbit * Handmade Sculpture * by ReveMiniatures  Hording Gems by Minifanaticus  Roses and Lace Sampler by pinkythepink
 Bunny coffeetree by bunnyjoy   Miniature Parrot sculpts by Pajutee
 The tiniest Humming Bird by amber-rose-creations

 Cake Under Construction by CakeUpStudio   Treetop Creature Shop interior details 3 by Minifanaticus  Perfume Prep Board by Minifanaticus

And I loved this pendant so much that I bought it.  It is *exquisite* in real life and I adore it so much!!! Sacred Glade - handmade Pendant with Labradorite by Ganjamira

 Pond animals earrings polymer clay by Nakihra   Felted Squirrel by ivyimagery

 Tiny Thread Bear by sojala

 Needle Felted Raccoon by Feyrah   Commission: Large Altoids Turtle Pond by Bon-AppetEats   Tutorial: Rooting hair in needle felted figures by SnowFox102

 Oooohhhh there were more than I thought :P  And that's all for now my Friends.  I have another feature in mind so I hope that it's not too long until I do that one.

:iconflyingheartsplz:Heaps of Love to you all,

  • Listening to: My son and grandson talking
  • Reading: The computer screen (to prevent typos LOL)
  • Watching: The computer screen, hoping you'll love the featur
  • Playing: Just been playing a board game I made up myself
  • Eating: I'm between meals ;)
  • Drinking: Herbal coffee with coconut milk - my favourite!!!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
The 'Dream Harp' that I made for myself at a workshop over the Australia Day long weekend 2013.
Awarded 'Angel Without Wings' status on 7th Oct 2013 I have now joined up as a 'Gangsta of Love' to promote other Angels as they are awarded. I was also honoured with both the :iconangels-and-gangstas: Monthly Award, and the :icondeviantheart: Heartist Award in June 2014
Angel without Wings Award by NamedaGangstas of Love stamp by NamedaAngels And Gangstas Group Monthly Award by MayEbonyHeartist by Nameda
Current Residence: Perth, Australia with my rather yummy husband of 39 years
What matters most to me: My amazing husband, 2 amazing sons, amazing grandchildren and amazing daughter-in-law. And I'm not being flippant - they're all such Treasures!
Favourite genre of music: Techno
Favourite photographer: My Grandfather 'Grandad Brown'
Favourite style of art: Realistic, Nature and Gentle Beauty
Operating System: Bones, Muscles & Blood
MP3 player of choice: It's bright pink, and old, and I want a new one...
Wallpaper of choice: Constantly changing
Favourite cartoon character: Despise them all LOL
Personal Quote: Don't make the same mistake twice - think up new ones!!!

Look What I Sold!!!

Through my RedBubble Account. Check out my art as Greeting Cards or Prints If you wish to request any photo from my dA gallery just let me know and I can upload it to RedBubble the next day :eager:
Purple Frilled White Iris for Rich by MayEbony Pink Kunzea by MayEbony


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Thank you so much for all your support, dearest friend! :tighthug: Have a great week and some sweets! :hug:
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PeoniesPNG by KmyGraphicThank-You by KmyGraphic Sofia by KmyGraphic PeoniesPNG by KmyGraphic
Thank you so much dear Nathalie, and the same to you...
May your troubles be less and your blessing be more. 
And nothing but happiness come through your door!

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